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Updates: Come grab some Karak and snacks! Make sure you get some rest as well.

Important Info: If you need mentors contact Talha (+974 3317 9102) and Eman(+974 3088 0858)

Come to room 1202 if you need anything.

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About CarnegieApps Hackathon 2018

What is hacking?

We define "hacking" as using programming to build something cool.

So what is this hackathon?

The hackathon is a 24-hour event where students can either work individually or in teams to build a cool application - be it a game, a mobile application or a web application. Students who participate in the event - referred to as 'Hackers' - can use any technology to build their application.

Students will have the chance to attend a mixer where they can form teams and discuss ideas with other hackers. Following this, students will hack for the next 24 hours and turn their ideas into realities. We will be providing resources, such as, amazing food throughout the event, and unlimited karak and coffee, so that you can enjoy your hacking care free!

At the end of the competition, the applications will be judged by a panel of professionals, and students will be given fantastic prizes for different qualities, like best technicality, best overall app and best design, along with the best rookie award. Trust us, the prizes are worth the time!

Students from all class levels and all majors are eligible to participate. Students only interested in design are also encouraged to participate so that we get to see not only really well functional apps, but beautifully designed ones as well.

Past Workshops

Here you will find links and important resources from past workshops.

Workshop 1: Backend development for Web Applications using NodeJS
by Thierry Sans
Workshop 2: Complete Introduction to Web Application Development
by Dick Olsson
Workshop 3: Pixel Art for Games
by Ossama Obeid
Workshop 4: UX/UI Design and Managing a Hackathon Project
by Zaid Haque
Workshop 5: Windows Phone 8 Application Development
by Humaira Tasnim
Workshop 6: From Inception to Execution
by Shahriar Haque
Workshop 7: Intermediate to Advanced Skills in Programming Languages
by Omar Al Rawi

Contact Us

This is the team behind CarnegieApps 2018.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about the hackathon.